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Alcohol De-addiction Herbal Capsule


Herbal Formulation for Removal of Alcohol & Drugs Addiction

  • Herbal solution to rid from the addiction of cigarettes, alcohol & tobacco
  • Build natural desire to give up alcohol
  • Helps reduce craving for alcohol
  • Helpful in remove toxins to reduce addiction and withdrawal symptoms
  • stop and recover from substance abuse without facing the extreme withdrawal symptoms.
  • It induces a substance-opposing tendency in the individual using it.
  • It further detoxifies the organs and body as whole to regain health deteriorated due to substance abuse.
  • It helps addict regain the mental strength to resist the urge for further use.
  • Pure & 100% natural for quieting the habit of drugs addiction
  • Its best, reliable and result-oriented

no addiction powder, anti smoking herbal products, tobacco quitting products, nasha mukti powder, no addiction capsule, nasha mukti capsule, alcohol de addiction medicine, hashmi dawakhana alcohol addiction tretmentToday, as per a survey, there is a rise in the alcohol and drug abuse cases. There is a solution for these problems in the form of various products and medicines for de-addiction. Antobacus capsule is an herbal product that can prove effective in getting rid of any form of drug addiction. It is considered as one of the effective herbal treatment, across the globe, for alcoholism. Antobacus has also proved beneficial to offer a cure for different addictions for tobacco, cigarette and alcohol.

Addiction is a dependence on mood altering substance or behavior despite adverse consequences. It is a widespread problem and millions of people battle addictions to alcohol, nicotine and other drugs. Addiction can cause an intense craving for alcohol or drug. Antobacus natural herbal capsule is an effective to get rid of addiction. This capsule is a mixture of precious herbs. It is used worldwide for alcoholism and widely researched for its benefits. It has been established overtime as remedy to cure addiction from alcohol, cigarette, tobacco with results and no side effect. Antobacus is a 100% herbal product which has no side effect. It helps in curing addiction to any health condition of the person.

Antobacus approaches this problem holistically in which the cure from addictions is based on treating the cause instead of symptoms. Antobacus capsule is the combination of herbs which curb the craving of nicotine.It makes smoking feel less enjoyable which in turn makes easier to quit nicotine. The nicotine present in cigarettes, tobacco is delivered directly through the skin & into the blood stream. Antobacus acts as a non permeable adhesive layer which stops the nicotine to pass into the blood, hence the capsule leeches slowly the nicotine from the body.

Antobacus herbal extracts protect the cells of the liver by both blocking the entrance of harmful toxins & helping remove these toxins from the liver cells. It has also been reported to regenerate injured liver cells. Antobacus focuses on dispersing from the body the residual alcohol by inducing a slight sweat through which the alcohol toxins are said to pass.

Antobacus is recommend to those patients who are severally addicted of both alcohol & nicotine. Even being a powerful remedy it does not have any side effect on human body & has content which also cover up the withdrawal symptoms up to an extent. This capsule has much capacity to rejuvenate the body & detoxify.

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