Spreading Hogweed



Latin name : Boerhaavia diffusa Linn., Boerhaavia repens Linn. (Nyctaginaceae)
Sanskrit/Indian name : Punarnava, Shothagni Rakta punarnava, Lal Punarnava, Santh
Urdu Name : Punarnava Surkh

General information :
Spreading Hogweed has been used in the Indian tribal community for centuries as a therapeutic herb. It has many ethnobotanical uses. The leaves are eaten as a vegetable. The root juice is used to treat asthma, urinary disorders, leukorrhea, rheumatism and encephalitis. In addition, the plant has many antimicrobial properties.

Therapeutic constituents :
The flavonoid arbinofuranoside, present in Spreading Hogweed, lowers serum uric acid, which is helpful in treating urogenital disorders.

Key therapeutic benefits :

  • Spreading Hogweed is beneficial in treating urinary tract infections.
  • The herb is also administered to patients suffering from nephritic syndrome.
  • It is also helpful in the treatment of asthma and inflammatory conditions like rheumatism.

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