Gold Ash Powder ( Swarna Bhasma)


The main properties and recommended use of Gold Ash Powder

  • General, positive influence on the cellular level and on the functions of the organ systems.
  • Activation of the vital cellular processes, thus, positively influencing all body systems.
  • Optimization of neurotransmission impulses and increase of hormonal balance.
  • Rebuilding of nerve connections in the brain structure.
  • Optimization and balance psychosomatic state of the body.
  • Blocking of radical elements, protecting body from stress exposure.
  • Facilitates intuitive body responses to environmental stresses.
  • Helps to protect and renovate cells of the nerve system.
  • Activates detoxification processes including myco-toxins.

Gold Ash Powder is a special remedy developed and produced by U Shein.U Shein himself experienced the healing and regeneration properties of Gold Ash Powder in the first. He no longer needed glasses, his eyesight improved to normal again. His muscles and arteries were getting extremely strong and healthy again and he became energetic and dynamic like a healthy man and even his already grey hair turned to dark again. Due to this immense and extreme positive changes and healing of his personal condition and health, Gold Ash Powder has become well known all over the world.

Gold Ash Powder is used to strengthen and preserve physical. It is also able to improve significantly or even heal serious diseases (like i.e. hepatitis cancer, AIDS etc.) Gold Ash Powder guarantees a considerable raise of physical well being and strengthens the entire organism and immune system. Superfluous and harmful energies as or substances and slag will be dissolved by Gold Ash Powder and are discharged over the intestinal system.

Gold Ash Powder relaxes the exhausted nerve system. It is capable to dissolve cholesterol clotting and other substances in veins and arteries. It also heals diseases of the lungs, liver, heart, kidney, digestive organs and the urinary organs. Gold Ash Powder is capable to neutralize poisons and acids and furthermore it can strengthen and vitalize the bones, muscles, sinews and marrows, and also intensifies the visual power.

Making Gold Ash Powder:

What we done during a bhasmikaran process is take gold in metallic form and turn it in to non metallic form which is called G-ORME. But it is not possible to complete the bhasmikaran process as per the guideline and hence some of the gold is still remained as metallic form, and most of the manufacturers deliberately not competing the process to show some gold content in their final analytical report. By this way they are benefited in both ways that they have to process less and save money and their product shows more gold content and their customer are happy to buy bhasma with higher gold content, but they don’t know they are taking gold in its metallic form which is toxic to their body and not in the ORME state which is having original power to cure. We carefully complete the full bhasmikaran process all of the gold is turn to G-ORME state.


As directed by the physician.

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