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Hashmi Exotic Pheromone Perfume


Pheromones can help you get the attention you want!
Pheromones act as natural sexual attractants

  • Increased frequency of dates
  • Increased frequency of affectionate gestures
  • Increased frequency of sleeping next to a romantic partner
  • Increased frequency of foreplay
  • Increased frequency of sexual intercourse

hashmi dawakhana exotic pheromone perfume, pheromones, pheromone, pheromone cologne, pheromone perfumePheromones are chemicals that are secreted in our sweat (and other bodily fluids) that are believed to release neurotransmitters that directly modify the behavior of the opposite sex, such as triggering sexual excitement. Have you ever wondered why some people seem to get lucky more often than others? Or have you seen a couple just hit it off right away after meeting for the first time? Some people call it “great chemistry” but we know that part of what makes up this attraction is pheromones. Most brands contain only one or two pheromone compounds. Exotic Pheromone Perfume contains all four main pheromones found in humans which are responsible for primal sexual attraction. But we did not stop there. Other products claim to be powerful. The twin wearing the pheromones received nearly twice as much interest and dates as compared to the twin not wearing pheromones!

Pheromone Sex Perfume for Men to attract Women

Exotic Pheromone Perfume sends a powerful signal to women that instantly ignites their level of attraction for you. They’ll be drawn to you like a magnet and they won’t even realize it. Exotic Pheromone Perfume has male sex Pheromone androstenone along with other secret ingredients. Exotic Pheromone Perfume is a fragrant smelling liquid which can be sprayed over clothes or skin. In daily use you or when you want to date a girl spray it over your clothes. Exotic Pheromone Perfume is a great way to attract the WOMEN of your dreams. When you want to be intimate with your partner spray it over your intimate male organ. It makes women wild during sex as she smells it. She will enjoy most wildest sex you have ever imagined. It increases the love time so you can enjoy your fantasy.

Pheromone Sex Perfume for Women to attract Men

Have you ever noticed a gal who, although not extremely good-looking or highly stimulating, seems to attract men by the dozens? Chances are that her naturally occurring pheromone release is higher and more detectable than yours! Now it is possible for any woman to harness the primal sexual power that comes from pheromones. Exotic Pheromone Perfume is an odorless, scientifically formulated blend of four pheromones specifically designed to arouse and attract men. We use only pure reagent-grade human sex pheromones of the highest concentration allowed by law. This formula is sexual attraction dynamite!!

Pheromones are odorless chemicals excreted from the body that affect reproductive interactions among both animals and humans. They are picked up by a special organ in the nose, and then conveyed to regions higher up in the brain. Simply apply two to three drops on the neck and wrists and rub well into skin. Exotic Pheromone Perfume will mix with your own body chemistry to create an undetectable scent that will drive men crazy!

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