Leucorrhoea (Sweta Pradara)


Natural Ways To Treat Vaginal Discharge (Leucorrhoea)

  • Regulates pH, Maintains & tones up uterine functions
  • Provides uterine support & restores estrogenic balance
  • Potent anti microbial, anti inflammatory immune modulator & reduces frequency of reoccurrence
  • Corrects psychological factors so reduces anxiety, stress & restores emotional balance
  • Controls excessive discharge by unique astringent actions & reduces foul smelling of secretions
  • Effectively Treats complications like back ache, pain in lumber and abdomen regions, weakness, fatigue, loss of appetite, constipation, head ache, burning sensation & itching
  • Completely non-toxic, free from any side effects & totally safe during pregnancy

lady care capsules, hashmi dawakhana lady care capsules, Leucorrhoea cure, Leucorrhoea treatment, Leucorrhoea remedies, white discharge treatment, excessive vaginal discharge, Vaginal DischargeWhite, thick and sticky vaginal discharge during pregnancy or at other times when a woman is in her reproductive years is called as leucorrhoea. This discharge can be in green or yellow in color too and usually is without any other symptoms like itching, pain, redness or burning sensation. Women suffering from this problem can get natural relief from it by taking an effective herbal treatment for leucorrhoea such as Lady Care capsules.

Lady Care capsule is a unique combination of powerful herbs that cures a number of female health problems like leucorrhoea, irregular menstruation, painful periods, PMS, menopausal symptoms and female genital tract problems. Lady Care capsule improves general health and relieves symptoms like itching, irritation, backache and abdominal pain associated with leucorrhoea. It is an effective herbal treatment for leucorrhea that corrects vaginal discharge and removes odor of vagina. Lady Care capsule is a balanced combination of herbs that has astringent action on mucus membrane of genital tract, and controls leucorrhoea and maintains normal vaginal pH.

Lack of nutrients is one of the major reasons behind most of the problems concerning female reproductive system including leucorrhoea. Lady Care will make way for continuous supply of nutrients to the female reproductive system. Hormonal imbalance is another major cause behind this condition. Lady Care is designed to restore the hormonal balance in female body. When you have the optimal hormonal balance, you can expect to have a healthy reproductive system with less number of problems. Lady Care can be consumed by women of all ages. This capsule has been appreciated for its 100% natural and safe formula and you should also try this capsule for the same reason. That’s exactly why it’s considered as the best leucorrhoea cure.

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