Penis Pumps – Are They Safe And Do They Do Work?


Let’s talk about traditional male enhancement pumps.

As we’ve stated time and again on the is site, the best type of pump is a hydro pump for natural male enhancement.  There are several very real dangers when using a vacuum pump.

Side effects of using a penis pump can include:

  • Pinpoint-sized red dots (petechiae). This is caused by bleeding under the surface of the skin of the penis.
  • Numbness, coldness or bluish-colored skin. This can occur when the constriction band is in place.
  • Pain or bruising. Knowing how to use the penis pump correctly can help you avoid injury to your penis.
  • Feeling of trapped semen. You may feel like your semen is trapped when you ejaculate, or ejaculation might be painful. Some manufacturers make constriction rings with a small cutout that might help with this.

Penis pumps have some other possible drawbacks:

  • Unnatural-feeling erections. Penis pumps can cause an erection that doesn’t feel natural or spontaneous. You might have a lack of firmness at the base of the penis, which can allow the penis to rotate or pivot more than it would with a natural erection.

The benefit of using a hydro pump:

  • Less risk of bruising.
  • Less risk of bursting blood vessels.
  • Tension is evenly distributed along the penis.
  • Your penis doesn’t go numb or get cold.
  • Overall much less risk.
  • 200 times more effective.

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