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Herbal Treatment of Bleeding Piles, Anal Fissures, Fistula & Hemorrhoids


Remove Bleeding, Burning Sensation and Pain while Passing Stool
No need of an operation or a surgery, Pilepsole capsule is your solution.

  • Provides highly effective treatment for Bleeding Piles, Anal Fissures, Fistula & Hemorrhoids even in chronic cases of longer duration
  • Relieves pain and discomfort from hemorrhoids
  • Stops itching, prevents bleeding, eliminate swelling and burning
  • Throughout the treatment it heals and shrinks the hemorrhoid
  • Improves vascular circulation and is effective in preventing hemorrhoids from returning due to its power to strengthen the veins tone
  • Repairs damaged tissues
  • Has a long-lasting effect on external hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoid
  • Is all natural, no known side effects
  • No surgery, and doesn’t involve bed rest or recovery period

Piles are also known as hemorrhoids are caused due to swelling and inflammation of the veins present in the rectum and anus. Pilepsole is a herbal product that worked for internal and external hemorrhoids by increasing blood flow to the swollen area in the rectum thereby accelerating the healing process. The herbal ingredients in the Pilepsole preparation have beneficial effect on the digestive system as they relieve constipation and promote regularity in bowel movements.

Pilepsole works synergistically to immediately soothe irritation, dramatically reduce inflammation, and safely stop the pain of hemorrhoids. Pilepsole capsules will start showing effect from the first day itself. Your bleeding will stop, pain will reduce and there will be relief from burning sensation within 7 to 15 days. The masses that are protruding out (i.e. widely known as fistula) will also start decreasing from the 1st day of intake of medicine and within a span of 30 days it will be fully cured. But if there are many masses (Fistula’s) you will have to repeat the course for one more month.

Pilepsole has shown considerable and quick relief from the symptoms of pain, swelling, itching, constipation & bleeding within 15 days. It is note worthy that during the treatment with Pilepsole, no other treatment is required and even chronic cases have responded well to the treatment. Pilepsole clears away heat and toxic material, removes the putrid tissues and stimulates the new tissue growth. It can be used to relieve hemorrhoidal pain, to shrinks swollen hemorrhoidal tissues and to heal anal fissures.

Pilepsole is a blend of 100% herbal ingredients, proven to provide successful hemorrhoids treatment. This natural product effectively stops bleeding from hemorrhoid, shrinks the hemorrhoids, heals damaged tissues, strengthens the vein tone thus, prevents hemorrhoids from returning. It is specifically formulated for treatment of external hemorrhoids, internal hemorrhoid and prolapsed hemorrhoid. Pilepsole has anti-inflammatory properties, and is fast in penetrating body tissues. The uncomfortable itching from hemorrhoids stops within minutes.

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