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Natural Vaginal Yeast Infection or Thrush Cream


Don’t let vaginal yeast infection symptoms ruin your day

Natural alternative to antibiotics, chemicals & hormones
Natural anti-vaginal yeast infection Vagitot cream

  • Yeast infection symptoms relief
  • Relieves the vaginal itching and burning
  • Prevents future occurrences
  • Contains antibacterial and antifungal properties (For general vaginal health and hygiene)
  • Works with the body’s natural systems
  • Leaves vaginal tissues hydrated and rejuvenated
  • Promote faster healing due to quicker absorption and prolonged duration
  • Maintains normal vaginal flora and pH
  • Checks unpleasant vaginal odor

Eliminate the most persistent yeast infections!
Relief from burning & itching now

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Vagitot cream is a powerful blending of time-tested all-natural ingredients. This Yeast Infection Treatment works quickly, so you don’t have to suffer through the itch, pain, and smell. Vagitot cream is designed to not only cure your current symptoms, but also keep them from ever coming back. This has a strong anti fungal property, to help cure the infection quickly and efficiently. Vagitot cream is used to treat recurrent candidiasis (yeast infections). Vagitot cream’s anti-mycotic and fungicidal properties are able to relieve the itching and discomfort associated with candidiasis.

Bacterial Vaginosis, can cause itching, burning sensation and foul smelling discharge in the vagina. Not just this, bacterial Vaginosis can hamper your sex life too. Vagitot cream provides permanent relief from vaginal odor and Bacterial Vaginosis symptoms quickly. Vagitot cream is a powerful combination of herbal ingredients designed to eliminate unwanted discharges and offensive odor. Vagitot cream works by balancing your pH levels in your body, thus allowing the body to maintain the correct balance of good and bad bacteria in the vagina. Vagitot cream helps to prevent the bacteria from growing, leading to the eventual treatment of the infection.

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