Arecanut Palm, Betelnut Palm, Areca Palm, Pinang Palm



Latin name : Areca catechu
Sanskrit/Indian name : Puga, Gubak, Poogiphalam, Tantusara, Supari
Urdu Name : Chalia, Supari (Nut), Fufal (Flower)

General information :
Arecanut or Betelnut refers to the seed of the Areca Palm tree. The seeds mixed with the leaves and are eaten in Asia and the South Pacific.
Arecanut Palm leaves and nuts are known to have a host of medicinal benefits. In Ayurveda, the nut has been used as an aphrodisiac. In addition, Arecanut Palm leaves stimulate the central nervous system, relieve pain, stomach ailments, gynecological disorders and a sore throat.

Therapeutic constituents :
Arecanut contains an alkaloid compound called arecoline. Arecoline produces a warming, invigorating and refreshing effect soon after chewing. This sensation, similar to that of nicotine, lasts for a very short time.
Arecanut tannins are predominantly catechol tannins, which are beneficial in diarrhea and urinary disorders. In combination with other astringent and styptic herbs, Arecanut is used as a major constituent in Ayurvedic remedies for gynecological disorders.

Key therapeutic benefits :

  • The nut has been traditionally used in treating sore throats.
  • The anti-inflammatory properties of Arecanut Palm leaves are beneficial in conditions such as arthritis.
  • Arecanut stimulates the central nervous system and serves as tonic for exhaustion and debility.
  • The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India documents the use of the nut in leucorrhea and vaginal laxity.

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