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Hashmi Dawakhana is open to distributors and stockists world wide for our herbal products and supplements. We also have a team of specialist who are available round the clock to give you advice and to answer your queries. Our customers should know that we respect their privacy and we don’t keep any personal information on a hard drive. E-mail addresses are not given or sold to third parties.You can also contact by calling to the site.We plan to add an online chat service and 24-hour telephone support.

These problems are rampant in every part of the world but don’t lose your heart. We at HASHMI DAWAKHANA have a solution for all your problems. What you have to do is to write or E-mail us at the given address with all details of your problem and the medicines taken so far, which will help us in thorough diagnosis of your problem.








Qazi Zada Street Amroha-244221,
Distt- Amroha, UP, INDIA


Distance from DELHI – 131 KM
Distance from MORADABAD- 37 KM
AMROHA is situated in between Delhi and Moradabad


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