Cassia, Chinese Cinnamon



Latin name : Cinnamomum cassia Blume (Lauraceae), Cinnamomum aromaticum (Nees)
Sanskrit/Indian name : Sthula tvak, Taja
Urdu Name : Taj Qalmi, Saleekha

General information :
Chinese Cinnamon is a popular culinary ingredient worldwide. Various benefits of the herb have been documented in Greek, Arabic and Chinese literature.
In the 2001 edition of Review of Natural Products, Chinese Cinnamon has been documented as a diuretic. The essential oil has shown analgesic and germicidal properties. The German Commission E and The British Herbal Pharmacopeia recommend the herb in treating loss of appetite and dyspepsia.

Therapeutic constituents :
The aroma and the flavor of Chinese Cinnamon comes from an essentialoil extracted from the bark, which contains the compound cinnamaldehyde. In low dosages, cinnamaldehyde is a central nervous system stimulant and alleviates spasms. Melilotic acid, also found in Chinese Cinammon, has anti-ulcerogenic properties.
Key therapeutic benefits:

  • The herb is used in gastrointestinal disorders such as mild stomach spasms, bloating and flatulence.
  • Because of its strong aroma, it stimulates the central nervous system.
  • Chinese Cinnamon is also used to treat ulcers.

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