Aligator Yam, Milky Yam


Latin name : Ipomoea digitata Linn. I.paniculata (Linn.) R.Br.
Sanskrit/Indian name : Vidari

General information :
Aligator Yam has been traditionally used as a medicine in India and parts of Southeast Asia. In the Enthopharmacology of Medicinal Plants: Asia and the Pacific, author Christophe Wiart writes that in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, the tubers are used to prevent obesity and regularize menstruation. The author further emphasizes that the plant should be studied for its potential as a nerve stimulator.
In India, Aligator Yam is used as a general tonic, to treat diseases of the spleen and liver and prevent fat accumulation in the body.

Therapeutic constituents :
The rhizome of the herb contains beta-sitosterol which is an antioxidant. Ergonovine, an alkaloid found in the herb, is used to stop menstrual bleeding.

Key therapeutic benefits :

  • The herb is used to treat the enlargement of the liver and spleen.
  • Those suffering of menorrhea, abnormally long and heavy menstrual periods at regular intervals, benefit from taking the herb.
  • As a general tonic, Aligator Yam is used in the treatment of cough and gastrointestinal disorders.
  • The herb is also known as a lacto-stimulant and libido enhancer.

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