Spanish Jasmine



Latin name : Jasminum grandiflorum Linn. (Oleaceae), J. grandiflorum forma grandiflorum (L.) Kobuski., Grandiflorum Bailey J.officinale L. var.
Sanskrit/Indian name : Jati

General information :
Spanish Jasmine is commercially grown for its fragrant flowers and essential oil. Jasmine flowers are used in garlands, strung into decorative wreaths for hair adornment and for religious offering to deities in Hinduism. The oil is used in perfumes and hair oils.

Therapeutic constituents :
The main components of the essential oil of Spanish Jasmine are benzyl acetate, jasmone and methyl jasmonate, which give the flower its fragrance.

Key therapeutic benefits :

  • Spanish Jasmine is valued for its cooling effect, which is beneficial in the treatment of skin diseases, eye disorders and headaches.
  • It is also useful in bleeding disorders like menorrhagia and rectal bleeding.

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