Common Mallow



Latin name : Malva sylvestris (Linn.) (Malvaceae)
Sanskrit/Indian name : Gul-khair, Kunzi, Vilayatiikangai
Urdu Name : Khubbazi

General information :
The German Commission E has recommended the use of Country Mallow to alleviate irritation of the throat mucosa and dry cough. The herb is indexed in both the Swiss and French herbal pharmacopeia. The herb is also known as a central nervous system depressant, relieving anxiety and nervousness.

Therapeutic constituents :
The volatile oil obtained from the leaves, roots and seeds has antibacterial and antifungal properties. The main chemical constituents are ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, phytosterol, potassium nitrate and alkaloids, which render the herb its therapeutic properties.

Key therapeutic benefits :

  • The topical application of Country Mallow oil relieves nervous disorders such as monoplegia, sciatica and palsy.
  • The anti-asthmatic properties of the herb alleviate bronchial and respiratory tract disorders.

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