Toothbrush Tree, Mustard Tree



Latin Name : Salvadora persica
Sanskrit/Indian name : Peelu, Pilu, Meswak, Miswak, Arak
Urdu name : Peelu, Miswak

General information :
The twigs of Miswak have been used as a natural toothbrush for centuries. In fact, the World Health Organization has also promoted its use for oral hygiene.

A clinical study on Miswak revealed that patient using Miswak twigs as an adjunct to tooth brushing exhibited significant improvement in gingival health and plaque reduction.

Therapeutic constituents :
Silica in Miswak acts as an abrasive material to remove plaque and stains. Tannins present in Miswak exert an astringent effect on the oral mucous membrane, thus reduces gingivitis and other dental diseases.

Key therapeutic benefits :

  • Miswak is known to prevent tooth decay
  • It is also beneficial in the treatment of toothache
  • Miswak twigs are helpful in combating halitosis or bad breath

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