Sandalwood Tree



Latin name : Santalum album Santalaceae
Sanskrit/Indian name : Chandana, Ananditam, Taliaparnam, Safed-chandan, Chandan
Urdu Name : Sandal Safed

General information :
Sandal Tree, revered for its fragrance, is often used in perfumes. The tree also has sacred significance in Hinduism, where Sandalwood paste is adorned on deities and Sandal incense is offered during prayers.
Sandal Tree yields an essential oil, which has a host of therapeutic properties. It possesses cooling, antipyretic, expectorant, astringent and stimulant properties.

Therapeutic constituents :
The active therapeutic constituent of Sandalwood oil is santalol, which gives the tree its therapeutic benefits.

Key therapeutic benefits :

  • Topical application of Sandalwood paste alleviates local inflammation and heals skin infections.
  • As an antipyretic, its lowers fever.
  • Its astringent properties are beneficial in the treatment of digestive disorders.

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