Gingelly, Sesame



Latin name : Sesamum indicum
Sanskrit/Indian name : Tila
Urdu Name : Kunjad, Til

General information :
Gingelly has been popularly used as a condiment all over the world. Sweetmeats made from Gingelly are eaten during the winters in North India. They are one of the main ingredients in the Middle Eastern dessert called halvah.
The oil of Gingelly is revered for its many therapeutic benefits. Applied topically, the oil acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, which alleviates joint aches, maintains heart health and strengthens bones.

Therapeutic constituents :
Gingelly oil is a rich source of copper, magnesium, calcium and zinc, which contribute to the therapeutic benefits of the herb.

Key therapeutic benefits :

  • Gingelly oil is an anti-inflammatory, which is helpful in alleviating the pain associated with arthritis.
  • The herb, rich in magnesium, is beneficial in maintaining heart health. It is also effective in lowering blood pressure.
  • The calcium content in Gingelly prevents bone disorders like osteoporosis.

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