East Indian Globe Thistle



Latin name : Sphaeranthus indicus
Sanskrit/Indian name : Mundi
Urdu Name : Gule Mundi

General information :
East Indian Globe Thistle is a medicinal plant that is widely found in Southeast Asia. The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of the plant make it effective in treating skin infections. It is currently being researched in India as a potential natural remedy for psoriasis. The roots and seeds are useful in eliminating parasitic worms. The herb is also reported as a tonic to treat indigestion, asthma, leucoderma and dysentery (Chopra et al., 1956). The flowers are credited with alterative, depurative and tonic properties.

Therapeutic constituents :
The flowers contain many varieties of albumins semi-dry fatty oil, tannins, mineral matter and a volatile oil. A novel isoflavone glycoside, found in the leaves (Yadava and Kumar, 1999) and a new sesquiterpene glycoside and sphaeranthanolide were isolated from the flowers of the herb. These compounds were found to be immune system stimulants (Shekhani et al., 1990).

Key therapeutic benefits :

  • The herb is helpful in treating various skin conditions like psoriasis.
  • East Indian Globe Thistle is an effective remedy for stomach disorders like dysentery and indigestion.

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