Herbal Tooth & Gum Powder With Natural Ingredients


Give your teeth the best natural care
with Commander Gum and Tooth Powder
Stop gingivitis, pyorrhea, and other tooth and gum problems

  • Removes the stains on the teeth
  • Stops bleeding of gums and controls inflammation of gums
  • Prevents formation of dental plaque on regular use
  • Provides fresh breath and prevents Halitosis
  • Prevents gum swelling and gum bleeding
  • Remove pyorrhea and mouth ulcers
  • Stop tooth pain & cavity
  • Treating bad breath, tooth decay, gum cavities, tooth ache and pyorrhea
  • Makes our teeth germs free and strong
  • Remove cigratte,tea,coffee mark


Use a soft toothbrush. Wet your toothbrush. Pour a small amount of Commander Gum and Tooth Powder (approx. 1/4 teaspoon) into your palm and apply it to your toothbrush. Brush teeth. Rinse your mouth well with water. For best results brush your teeth in the morning and at night before going to bed.

Commander Gum and Tooth Powder cures gums and tooth disorders and is extremely effective treatment for pyorrhea. This Tooth Powder is an ideal tooth powder, which has a blend of unique herbs that has anti-bacterial and deodorant properties. Commander Gum and Tooth Powder is useful in bleeding & swollen gums. This Tooth Powder when used regularly helps to prevent deposition of tartar and also remove stain of Tobacco, Tea and Coffee.

Commander Gum and Tooth Powder all natural tooth powder cleanses and gently polishes teeth while strengthening gums to help stop tenderness and bleeding. It kills bacteria that causes gum inflammation, gingivitis and bad breath for healthy gums and fresh breath that lasts for hours. Commander Gum and Tooth Powder takes care of the gums, bad breath and other tooth infections. Moreover, the regular usage of this tooth powder, strengthens the gums and makes the teeth healthier and sparkling white.

Commander Gum and Tooth Powder not only controls the bad odor and gym problems but is highly effective in keeping the teeth white and strong. Its special formula ensures no plaque formation and bacteria to damage the teeth and prevents bad breath also.

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