What to eat and not to eat during Migraine


Migraine is defined as one of the neurological problems which can cause harsh or persistent headache. Migraine is certainly the most awful headache one can imagine. It’s like nightmare, more like a tragedy. The people who suffer from migraine need to keep away from strain, direct sun contact and even watching too much TV or other screens. Migraine patients regularly suffer from sleep problems and despair. Eating affects migraine too. Skipping meal and liquid weight loss program can trigger migraine. People with migraine go through with nausea, vomiting, eye ache, dizziness. This could even cause irritation or insensitivity from brilliant lights and noise. Migraine is much more common in women than in guys. Migraine isn’t always only a tension headache. Tension headache can depart with medicines but migraine can last more than a entire day.

Meditation and yoga can help in migraine treatment. To be a migraine patient I can be recognizable with the pain of this nuisance. It causes me difficulty to take breathe. You won’t be in a situation to even eat or sit up straight. While I get migraine, I begin drinking a lot of water and attention on sleep. The thought of having any other migraine haunts me. Our body starts to signal us though. It offers us a caution with the majority likely the feeling of infection, constipation, sleeping issues etc.


  • What we eat play a main role in migraine. Some food items trigger migraine while some prevent it. Some people have food allergies, they don’t know about.
  • These allergies can cause migraine.
  • Migraine patients should certainly keep away from pork, alcohol, caffeine. Chocolate and Red wine are as well migraine triggers.
  • Unrefrigerated food, tyramine, amino acids, nitrites, old cheese can also cause a whole lot of migraine.
  • Chicken, turkey, soy can too be migraine causes. A few food items that include sulphite like prunes, apricots can also cause migraine.
  • Dehydration can be one of the important motives of migraine.


  • Consumption of good quantity of water day by day can assist in stopping these deadly headaches.
  • Utilize of olive oil during cooking can also be useful.
  • Magnesium rich products like sunflower seeds, sweet potato, amaranth etc and vitamin B12 products can also assist decrease migraine.
  • Citric juices, sea food, potatoes, milk, fried food particularly rice can prompt migraine very easy. Migraine patients should keep away from going with no food for long hours and should take correct meals.
  • Chinese food contains monosodium glutamate which is extremely dangerous for migraine patients. Vinegar can also prompt migraine.
  • People who bear from migraine should always take good care of their diet and exercise. They should try to keep away from the intake of antibiotics.

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