Indian Gum Arabic Tree, Black Babool



Latin name : Acacia nilotica Delile. (Sub species indica (Benth.) Brenan /A. arabica Willd. var. indica Benth.
Sanskrit/Indian name : Babbula, Babul
Urdu Name : Babul, Gond Babul, Gond Kikar, Khadir

General information :
Materia Medica mentions the use of Indian Gum Arabic Tree as a useful herbal medicine for a variety of disorders ranging from diarrhea to mouth ulcers.

The tree is found throughout the drier regions of India.

Therapeutic constituents :
Indian Gum Tree contains gallic acid, (+)-catechin and chlorogenic acid that gives the herbs its therapeutic properties.

Key Therapeutic constituents :

  • Indian Gum Arabic Tree’s fresh twigs are used to protect gums and teeth. The aqueous extract of the fresh nuts of this tree were found to inhibit the growth of germs in the oral cavity.
  • The leaves are useful for the treatment of urinary problems and dysentery.

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