Hair Care Powder

  • Promotes hair growth and controls hair fall
  • Cures scalp infection and clears dandruff
  • Controls premature graying of hair
  • Strengthens hair roots and strands
  • Makes hair long, dark, Dense and lustrous
  • Gives hair natural floss and bounce
  • Helps make hair soft, shiny and healthy
  • Improves the texture of the hair
  • Gives natural color and silky touch to hair

Commander Hair Powder Will Give You Back Your Looks

Hair loss a common problem faced by both men and women and can be because of a variety of reasons including nutritional deficiency, hormonal imbalance, using chemically loaded hair products, poor health and bad eating habits. Fortunately, hair loss can be treated and you can successfully reverse loss of hair and help with the growth of healthy and shiny hair. Commander Hair Powder is a well known herbal powder that can be successfully used in the treatment of hair loss. The herbs present in this powder will get rid of the dandruff causing bacteria from the scalp thereby opening the blocked hair follicles.

Commander Hair Powder is an amazing product that resolves the main problem associated with hair loss in a person, which is the negative effect it has on his/her physical appearance. Every time a person looks in the mirror, he/she can see the devastating effects of losing hair. Hair styling becomes very difficult since as the hair gets thinner, the scalp is exposed and the hair loss becomes very obvious. Thinning hair can greatly affect a person’s self-image and self-esteem.

Commander Hair Powder solves hair loss problem instantly. Quite literally seconds after application you will be able to see thicker, fuller hair. You will be able to style your hair the way you used to style it and you will look years younger. It does not matter if you just started losing your hair or if you are already wearing hats or wigs, Commander Hair Powder can give you back your hair, your looks and your confidence.

Commander Hair Powder cleans the scalp of all the toxic products and stimulates the hair follicles to produce new hair. Commander Hair Powder is made of herbs and easily available in powder form and is an ideal product for washing the hair. Mix two tablespoons of Commander Hair Powder with sufficient water to form a paste. Apply the paste over the bald patches in generous amounts as well as on the roots of the hair. Leave on for 30-45 minutes or until the paste dries completely. Wash off using lukewarm water. Repeat the treatment every alternate day for three months.

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