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Abrasions treatment

Abrasions are mainly caused due to rubbing of skin against frictional surfaces. This happens to children because of frequent falling from playing and roughhousing. The symptoms of abrasions include the formation of scratches and wounds on the affected area. The skin around the wound usually appears reddish in color.

Below is a list of these home remedies for abrasions:

Cleaning the Wound
Cleaning the Wound :
First of all, cleaning the wound is essential to prevent any type of infection from microbes. For this, you must wash the wound with antiseptic soap and warm water before drying it with a clean cloth.

Wound Dressing
Wound Dressing : Dressing of the wound is also very important, which must be performed on a regular basis. For this, you may use antiseptic creams and ointments to increase the rate of healing.

Aloe Vera Gel
Aloe Vera Gel : Aloe gel is the most popular home remedy used for the treatment of abrasions. It is recommended to keep this gel at home, as abrasions could occur at any point of the day.

Honey : Honey is also used as a home-based remedy to facilitate the fast healing of wounds caused by abrasions. You can spread a layer of honey over infected area for quick relief and a lower amount of itching.

Marigold Flowers and Parsley Leaves: You can crush marigold flowers, parsley leaves, or plantain leaves to form a paste and then apply it externally over the wound to treat abrasions.

Dock Leaves
Dock Leaves : Dock leaves may also be applied in the form of lotion to treat these skin wounds. These leaves may also be applied directly to the wound surface.

Lard and Horehound :
Ointment prepared from lard and white horehound also serves as the most efficient home remedies for the treatment of abrasions.

Elderflowers and Lard
Elderflowers and Lard :
Another unique idea is to mix elderflower with lard and then heat this mixture for a small period of time. The ointment that is formed is an excellent home remedy for treating skin wounds.

Warm water accompanied by different types of oils like frankincense oil, lavender oil, myrrh oil, neroli oil, red thyme, and tea tree oil is considered as an unbeatable home remedy for abrasions. Iodine and vinegar can also play very useful roles in the treatment of skin abrasions.


Diet for Abrasions

While there is no specific diet that needs to be followed in the treatment of a skin abrasion, there are a few food items that may speed up the healing process. For example, consuming foods that are high in Vitamin E can improve the overall health of the skin and therefore, allow it to heal the abrasion at a faster rate. Taking Vitamin E supplements is also a great way to avoid scarring in case of the deeper abrasions.

When you are trying to heal abrasions at a faster pace, it may be a good idea for you to follow a balanced diet, which is rich in essential nutrients. Therefore, foods that are packed with vitamins and minerals should be consumed in higher quantities. Some of the most highly recommended foods for an abrasion diet include sunflower seeds, peanuts, lean beef and roasted pumpkin. Drinking a lot of water, – at least 8 glasses in a day will hydrate and moisturize your skin internally, which is excellent for abrasion treatment.

It is also important to eat meals at frequent intervals during the day, not just to promote healing of the abrasion, but also for your general health.


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