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Often considered a normal reaction to stress, anxiety is a state of the mind and body, when there are distinctive changes in the emotional, behavioral, thought and sleep patterns. Anxiety is often associated with a sense of restlessness, fear and worry.

Causes :
The causes responsible for anxiety can be segregated mainly into 3 categories – genetic, neurological and environmental. If there is a history of mental disorders in the family, there is a possibility of it being passed down through the generations. Malfunctioning of the neuro transmitters can also lead to anxiety disorders. Abuse, losing a job or a loved one or withdrawal from substance abuse can also lead to the emergence of anxiety in an individual.

Prevention :
Disorders like anxiety do not attack minds and bodies that are happy and healthy. In order to avoid such situations, it is essential that individuals indulge in healthy lifestyles; those, which include a balanced diet, regular exercise, company of people sharing similar interests and regular physical and mental activities. Avoiding habits like drinking, smoking, overworking and excessive stress should be avoided.

Anxiety Home Remedies and Treatments:

Boil 250 ml of water and add a tablespoon of oats to this. Let it stand for a while, and then take cup full before each meal.

Deseed 20 dates, and place this in a jar with a piece of vanilla and a bottle of cognac. Cover this jar and store in a cool, dark place for about a month. Take a small sip of the prepared liquid whenever the feeling of nervousness creeps in.

Lavender Oil
Take a warm water bath with a few drops of lavender oil poured into the water. If there is no bathtub available, rub a little lavender oil on the skin and then take a warm shower.

Soak 10-12 raw almonds in a glassful of water and leave it overnight. In the morning, remove the skins and blend together with a cup of warm milk, a small piece of ginger and a pinch of nutmeg. Drinking this concoction at night helps relax the nerves.

Sesame Oil
Heat 6 ounces of sesame oil until warm, and use this to massage the body, including the scalp and bottoms of the feet. Leave for a few minutes, and then take a bath with warm water.

Boil water and add about 2 teaspoons of dried rosemary and a spoonful of tealeaves. Let it stand for about 10 minutes and then enjoy a relaxing drink.


Diet for Anxiety

General Anxiety Relief Guidelines
There is no specific diet for anxiety, but certain foods and food habits can certainly make a difference. You can experiment on your own, but ensure that you differentiate between unhealthy “comfort food” and healthy food that is actually making a difference to your condition. You might be quite happy eating a greasy burger, but a fruit snack instead might make you feel better in the long run.

Some general guidelines for anxiety relief include :

  • Drink adequate amounts of water daily.
  • Make sure that you get all the necessary vitamins and minerals. If necessary, ask your doctor about supplements.
  • Cut down on alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine.
  • Eat more complex carbohydrates.

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