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Breast feeding

Breast feeding is a must for growing babies. Breast milk is a nutritional diet that should be given to every baby by her mother.
The main symptom of Breast feeding is small red balls appear on the skin. Slowly, these red balls become big with a small mouth at the center, where puss accumulates. With the passage of time these balls become stiff, and the surrounded area also become hard and red.

Breast feeding really are painful and irritating. Given below are some of the easiest and effective home remedies for Breast Feeding .

One of the most effective home remedy for the treatment of Breast feeding is garlic extract. Garlic, in fact, is the best ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of many severe diseases. Gently apply garlic extract over the Breast feeding. This extract will help in killing germs, and will help in releasing out the puss. It is also said that taking 2-3 garlic seeds in diet is also an effective step.

Onion is another effective medicine. Apply onion extract over the Breast feeding. This plays the same role as garlic. Patient also should take raw onion in their diet. It is also said that both garlic and onion extract together can also be applied over the puss. This is one of the useful home remedies for breast feeding.

Milk and milk cream :
Other home remedies for the treatment of Breast feeding include milk. It may sound strange, however, milk cream applied over the Breast feeding helps in softening of the Breast feeding, which opens their mouth so that puss could easily release out. Similarly, take bread slice and soak it in milk. Cover Breast feeding with it, after some time the Breast feeding will soften and puss will release out.

Parsley (a jmood ) leaves :
Parsley leaves or ajmood also plays vital role in treating Breast feeding. Boil parsley leaves, till it becomes soft. Wrap the boiled leaves in clean perforated cloth and put is over Breast feeding. This will help in release of puss by opening boil’s mouth. This is one of the best home remedies for breast feeding.

Betel and Margosa Leaves
Betel and Margosa Leaves
Betel and margosa leaves are some of the most effective remedies for the treatment of Breast feeding. Take 3-4 betel leaves and boil in water till it becomes soft .Gently put 2-3 drops of caster oil over it. Cover Breast feeding with these leaves. Similarly, boil 15-20 neem leaves in ½ liter of water. Allow it to boil until the mixture reduces to 1/3 of its constituent. Allow the mixture to cool and gently apply it to the Breast feeding. This will open up the mouth and help in fast release of puss. Repeat this for a week.

Bitter Gourd
Bitter gourd :
Bitter gourd extract also has effective role in the treatment of Breast feeding. Apply bitter gourd extract over the Breast feeding. This extract will kill the germs, soothes the infected skin, and gradually helps in the releasing puss and blood. Sometimes patient may find difficulty in applying it over the Breast feeding, they can take this extract with lemon juice in the empty stomach, early in the morning. This should be taken till the Breast feeding are not treated. However, it is recommended to take this juice at least a week after the treatment so that all the germs should be killed completely. This is one of the important home remedies for breast feeding.

Turmeric and cumin seed
Turmeric and cumin seed :
Turmeric is considered as the oldest home remedy for the treatment various severe diseases. Roast turmeric powder in low flame. Take 4-5 tablespoon of roasted turmeric powder and make a paste using water. Apply it gently over the Breast feeding. Turmeric helps in maturing the Breast feeding and hence fast release of germs and puss.

Similarly, mix powdered cumin seed in water and make a paste, gently apply it over the Breast feeding. This too helps in fast release of puss by killing germs and weakening the Breast feeding.


Breastfeeding Diet Plan

Think of breastfeeding as continued motivation to follow the healthy diet you followed during pregnancy. Focus on eating whole grains and cereals, legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables. And go for foods that provide plenty of protein, calcium, and iron (and, as always, an occasional treat is fine).

Here are some simple guidelines :

  • Continue to take your prenatal vitamins (unless your doctor tells you otherwise).
  • Eat a varied, balanced, good-quality diet.
  • Pay special attention to fluids; drink enough to quench your thirst. Many moms drink a tall glass of milk or water while nursing.
  • Avoid junk foods and empty calories.

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