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We all get bruised up every once in a while. Whether we get hit, bang our leg or arm on something, or fall down. Bruises are easy to get, especially kids and the elderly. Some people bruise easier than others and will look like they just got beaten up pretty bad. Luckily, there are things a person can do from home to eliminate bruises and not look so beaten up all the time.

1. Ice
Putting ice on the bruise in the first 24 hours of it will help get rid of it before it gets too bad. Use an ice pack or a bag of frozen vegetables to stop the bruise in it’s tracks. Apply the ice pack or bag of frozen vegetables for 15 minutes. Allow your skin to warm naturally and then apply the ice pack again for another 10 minutes. Do this every four or five hours on the first day to rid the skin of the ugly bruise. If you don’t have an ice pack or a bag of frozen vegetables, you can wrap some ice in a towel and use that. Cold reduces inflammation and helps ease the pain caused by the bruise.

2. Elastic Bandage and Gravity
Wrap an elastic bandage around the bruise and elevate the injured area to help drain blood from the area. Blood is affected by gravity and propping up your leg or arm where the bruise is will help it heal faster.

3. Heat
The day after using the ice pack, use heat on the bruise to help improve circulation. Use a heating pad or a warm, wet washcloth on the bruise to help it heal faster.

4. Vitamin C
If you have a problem with too much bruising, eat more foods rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C helps prevent bruises and helps them heal faster. Studies show that vitamin C helps build collagen tissues around blood vessels in the skin. Foods rich in vitamin C include broccoli, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, and citrus fruits. You can also take vitamin C in supplement form but do not take more than 2,000 milligrams a day and only during the duration of the injury. High doses of vitamin C should not be taken without a doctor’s supervision.

5. Comfrey Poultice
Some people who have had problems with bruises have had success with comfrey poultices. Place comfrey leaves in hot water and spread them on a warm, wet washcloth. Press the comfrey poultice on the bruise. Do not ingest comfrey leaves because they can be dangerous when taken internally. Do not place on open wounds either. You can grow comfrey leaves yourself or buy them at any health food store.

6. St. John’s Wart
St. John’s Wart has anti-bacterial and astringent properties and have been known to work good for healing bruises. Add a few drops of St. John’s Wart tincture to an organic oil or cream and apply it to the bruised area to help it heal faster.

By using the home remedies above, you can heal bruises faster and prevent them in the future.

Diet for Bruises

  • It would be best to follow a healthy well balanced diet, as healing is at its optimum, when the body is well nourished.
  • Certain foods like dairy products, white flour, sugar and processed foods are best avoided as they can delay recovery.
  • Include garlic and onions in your diet. According to some naturalists garlic can help facilitate healing because of its natural anti-microbial properties.
  • Ensure that your diet is rich in vitamin C and iron. Citrus fruits and fresh vegetables like sweet potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli and all fresh fruits contain vitamin C and essential vitamins that help in tissue building and tissue recovery.
  • Drink lots of water and healthy fluids like herbal tea, soups, fresh fruit juices.

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