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Epilepsy is a brain disorder that can be life threatening if not treated properly. This condition occurs when neurons in the brain send wrong signals that cause seizures. In addition to seizures, patients may also experience mood swings, loss of consciousness, slowed body function or unconsciousness.

There are many causes of epilepsy and brain disorder that can affect both adults or infants. The brain sends electrical impulses that control muscle movement in the body. People suffering from epilepsy get excessive electrical impulses that lead to stiffness in muscles and causes a jerking reaction (seizures). The attacks stopped when the brain stops sending electrical impulses. Muscle stiffness, vomiting, salivation, urination sudden, unconscious, shaking of the arms and legs and memory loss are some of the common symptoms of epilepsy.

There are several home remedies that can help you deal with epilepsy. Let’s refer to reviews of Boldsky!

1. Epsom salts
Epsom salt has magnesium which can control the electrical impulses from the brain out. Magnesium also reduces the risk of seizures caused by epilepsy.

2. Coconut water

You should drink coconut water and stay hydrated throughout the day so avoid seizure. Coconut water is the best medicine to treat dehydration.

3. Fluid
When sodium levels slows down, brain cells swell due to rising water, causing seizures. Drink plenty of healthy fluids such as fruit juices and water.

4. Milk
Calcium is a natural electrolyte that is needed by the body to maintain normal function of muscles, nerve conduction and blood clotting. Drinking milk is one of the best home remedies for epilepsy.

5. Garlic
This herb plant has been used to treat several medical conditions, including epilepsy. This is aneffective home remedy in treating epilepsy. Boil water, milk and a clove of garlic that has been crushed. Drink this mixture once a day to reduce seizures.


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