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Painful as well as lumpy breasts are commonly called fibrocystic breasts. Fibrocystic breast disease is proved to be one of the changes that result in lumpy and painful breasts at the time of menopause. This disease is found to be caused due to the hormonal imbalance, mainly due to the imbalanced production of estrogen.

Home Remedies For Fibrocystic Breast Disease

Mullein Leaves Tea
An excellent tea can be prepared at home using some effective herbs. To prepare about 200 ml of this tea, about one teaspoon each of grounded roots of dandelion as well as burdock are found to be essential. Half teaspoon each of mullein leaves and pounded bark of prickly ash can also be used for preparing this tea. Drinking a cup of this tea can be valuable in reducing the problem of breast disease.

Essential Oils
Fibrocystic breast disease can be cured completely using certain essential oils. A mixture of essential oils can be prepared by adding 3 drops each of chamomile oil and ginger oil, 10 drops of lavender oil along with 2 ml of calendula flower extract. Dissolve this mixture in about 100 ml of hot water. Applying this solution over the breasts using a cotton cloth can be regarded as an effective method to cure the problem of fibrocystic breast disease.

Primrose Oil
Primrose oil is proved to be beneficial in curing the problem of fibrocystic breast disease. Applying a little of this essential oil over the lumps can be helpful in reducing the tenderness caused due to the problem.

Vitamin B6
Vitamin B6 is proved to be essential in regulating the hormonal balance in our body. Consuming Vitamin B6 rich food items can be helpful in curing the problem of cysts very effectively. Bran, pistachios, garlic, liver, hazelnut etc. are some of the important Vitamin B6 rich foodstuffs.

Flax Seeds
Flax seeds are found to be useful in treating fibrocystic breast disease very effectively. Consuming flax seeds can be effective in dropping the pain caused due to the problem. A teaspoonful of powdered flax seeds can be taken along with a cup of milk or milk shake which is proved to be advantageous in curing the problem completely.

Cabbage leaves
Cabbage leaves can also be used in the treatment of fibrocystic breast disease. One or two cabbage leaves can be kept over the breasts overnight for good results of the treatment.

Diet for Fibrocystic Breast

Most studies into the efficacy of diet therapy have so far been inconclusive, but it may help to make certain dietary changes:

Vegetables :

  • Cucumbers, parsley, cabbage and other vegetables work as natural diuretics that help to flush out excess fluids from the body. These are a better alternative to commercial diuretics that can also deplete your potassium levels and lead to imbalance in electrolyte levels. They may also affect glucose production.

Whole grains :

  • Fiber is present in substantial amounts in whole grain foods such as brown rice and whole wheat bread. Fiber helps to prevent fluctuations in hormonal levels that are usually responsible for fibrocystic breast changes. Fiber is also found in fruits and beans.

Fish :

  • Beneficial omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish such as mackerel, trout and salmon. These are rich in iodine and hence help to prevent the formation of breast lumps. Include a moderate amount of these fish in your diet.
  • Garlic, mushrooms and onion promote oxygenation of the cells and this helps in resolving fibrocystic breast changes.
  • Vitamin B6 helps to regulate hormonal levels in the body and can be found in foods such as garlic, bran and pistachio.

Avoid a high intake of meat since most poultry and meat are injected with hormones. This can upset your own hormonal balance especially at the time of menstruation. If you do wish to consume meats, opt for hormone-free poultry and meat which are usually available at health food stores.


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