Menstrual Migraines Natural Remedies


Estrogen is the female sex hormone particularly regulates the menstrual cycle fluctuations. When the estrogen level drops sharply, it makes women more susceptible to headaches. Menstrual Migraine basically takes place with lower levels of estrogen and additionally triggers by means of this hormonal fluctuations.

There is no aura with this kind of Migraine. It may take place earlier than two days of duration or the first three days of a period or completely differs from person to person. Menstrual Migraine can also last longer than the other types of Migraine. It is a pulsating headache that takes place on one side of the head, alongside with nausea and other Migraine symptoms.

The most efficient method to make a diagnosis it exactly is to hold a dairy or as a minimum three months, and recording migraine attacks verses the days you get your period. in this manner, you are able to recognize not only hormonal, but also non-hormonal causes of Migraine. Additionally, there are several treatment options available depending on the regularity of your periods.

Menstrual Migraine and Natural remedies

  1. Massage with vital oils like, sandalwood, eucalyptus or peppermint on the forehand and get fast comfort from menstrual headache. The aroma of these oils helps your mind stay calm and relaxed.
  1. You can additionally are looking for help from Ayurveda herbs, like Rosemary. It is a helpful herb for women searching for aid from menstrual migraine obviously. Add a cup of Rosemary in boiled water and take steam for inhalation two times a day for higher results.
  1. Another natural method to triumph over headache is recently produced grape juice. Taking thick grape juice, with no diluting it in water two times a day keeps your headache at bay.
  1. Beetroot may be very beneficial in handling the hormonal fluctuations. For this reason, consuming it raw or in the juice shape is the satisfactory way to control your menstrual migraine. Consume it in the morning and earlier than going to bed.

Although migraine can intrude with your social as well as personal lifestyles, you can still cut down the symptoms and reduce the intensity by taking these natural aids. Furthermore, the brutality and occurrence of menstrual headache can also be managed with the aid of taking a suitable course of medication and nutritional supplement. Additionally, an alteration to your way of life could make a whole lot of distinction. Prevention is the great useful resource which is going to cost much less than painkillers. So, suppose again!

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