Crab Apple, Cultivated Apple



Latin name : Pyrus malus
Sanskrit/Indian name : Seva
Urdu name : Sayb, Kanth, Kekra

General information :
Crab Apples are a small, bitter variety of apples that are beneficial for general skin health with topical application. Due to its rich vitamin and mineral content, Crab Apple strengthens the immune system and prevents diseases.

Therapeutic constituents :
The fruit is a rich source of various vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and flavanoids. Malic acid is the principal acid (90-95% of the total acids) of the fruit. It has tonic, keratolytic and antiseptic properties. The astringent principals of apple include tannins, tannin derivatives and coloring materials (flavones).

Key therapeutic benefits :

  • Crab Apple is a rich source of vitamins and prevents skin cell degeneration, which causes premature aging. Its soothing antiseptic and keratolytic agents help loosen dead skin fragments.
  • Due to its low antigen content, it is useful in the management of immune-mediated diseases.

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