Country Mallow



Latin name : Sida cordifolia Linn. (Malvaceae)
Sanskrit/Indian name : Bala, Vatya, Bariyar, Kharethi
Urdu Name : Beejband Siah

General information :
Country Mallow is a revered herb in Ayurveda, known to balance all the doshas (bodily humors that make up one’s constitution). It is a health tonic with rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory, libido-enhancing and fat-burning properties.

Therapeutic constituents :
Ephedrine is one of the alkaloids present, which has fat-burning properties. The herb also contains phytosterol and potassium nitrate.

Key therapeutic benefits :

  • The essential oil has rejuvenating properties, which aids in nervine disorders and mental debility.
  • The oil has anti-inflammatory properties which relieve joint and muscles aches.
  • Country Mallow is known to stimulate sexual organs and enhance the male libido.
  • In recent times, the herb is being used in weight loss supplements.

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