The Truth about Penis Enlargement Pills


It seems to be a terrible lot of confusion out there regarding penis enlargement pills and rightly so. As advertisers and websites continue to exaggerate the capabilities of their brand to make a sale, people are left thinking that these products really can boost penis size. Unluckily, too much of what you hear from those pushing male supplements is totally false.

The misconstruction is that the penis can be permanently enlarged simply by taking a pill. While sexual enhancers do offer certain benefits, the “enlargement” myth is mostly untrue and should be debunked once and for all.

Male enhancement pills have the ability to do some great things for us. If you need a boost in libido, sperm count, energy, and erection quality, then there are plenty of enhancers that can do that.

Many well-known products have formulas consisting of various herbs, vitamins, and minerals that are well known for their sexual health benefits. As any nutritionist can tell you, naturally derived compounds are the most widely used substances for treating just about anything.

The biggest benefit from a male enhancement supplement is usually improved blood flow. Better circulation translates into quicker erections plus a noticeable difference in hardness. Other benefits may include having more energy, increased mental focus and memory, and a healthier feeling overall.

Another beneficial supplement is one that helps guys with a low sperm count. It has popular ingredients that you might find in products targeting this issue. Ingredients are known to support all kinds of sexual functioning and are definitely one to look for.

The hype surrounding penis pills is that they are somehow going to make your penis grow in size. This is mostly untrue. There is simply no magic pill that can make your penis grow a few inches and any credible source will tell you that.

Most of the time the products behind the wild “enlargement” claims don’t even come close to having the right combination of ingredients to help with growth anyway. You would need several amino-acids plus other beneficial compounds that are only found in HGH (human growth hormone) boosting formulas. Even then, stimulating penis growth is tricky.

Of all the male supplements we’ve reviewed, not one of them has triggered a measurable amount of penis growth. Oftentimes, we find that a product works, but not in some unrealistic way such as suddenly making our penis three inches longer. You can get up to 2 inches gain in length with male enhancement supplement. The results are usually better erection quality and/or an improved libido.

Even though they won’t bring about huge gains in penis size, legitimate products do exists that can help with most sexually related issues. Ignore the hype and choose an enhancer backed by reviews and recommendations by people who have actually tried them. Doing so will nearly always guarantee satisfactory results.


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